“A Little Patrick Mahomes Drinking a Bunch Of Beers”; Julian Edelman Recalls Hanging Out With ‘Nerdy’ Patrick Mahomes at a Super Bowl

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Former NFL star Julian Edelman recently had a candid conversation with the Kelce brothers on their ‘New Heights‘ podcast. During the show, Julian talked about his first impression of the Kansas City Chiefs’ superstar Patrick Mahomes when he was a young backup QB to Alex Smith.  Edelman playfully described Mahomes as a “nerdy” little kid who seemed to enjoy his fair share of beers. Julian’s description of the Kansas City’s QB provides an insight into how far dominant NFL king Patrick Mahomes has come in just a few years in the competition.

Travis Kelce and Julian Edelman Talk About Patrick Mahomes’ Energy for Life

Julian Edelman reminisced the time he crossed paths with rookie Patrick Mahomes at a Super Bowl. “He was like a kid,” Julian told Travis and Jason Kelce in the recent episode of their podcast. “A little kid drinking a bunch of beers, and oh, he’s still the same way every time.”  Travis Kelce, Mahomes’ teammate and one of his closest pals, resonated with Julian’s comments and showered praise on his ever-so-enthusiastic QB. “He does have that like that high energy love for life,” Kelce said. Travis also made it clear that it is Mahomes’ child-like enthusiasm which pushes others in the team to deliver their absolute best on the field and even in practice.

“Every single day, he’ll get on guys if you’re not running as a receiver, he’ll get on you if he needs those reps. He feels how valuable those reps are both in games and in practice,” the Kansas City TE said about Mahomes, adding that the champion QB is also as nerdy as they come.

Patrick Mahomes: A Football Nerd Destined for Greatness

The Kelce brothers and Edelman engaged in an intriguing segment on the podcast where they deep dived into Patrick Mahomes’ career. They reflected on how he has taken the Kansas City Chiefs to a whole new level. As the discussion unfolded, Travis painted quite a picture of Mahomes’ strong overall character, revealing, “I mean there’s a reason why he’s great. I’ll tell you what man, the guy is as athletic as he is and as good as he is at like ‘The Improv’ and as nerdy as it gets.”

As a Kansas City Chiefs player, Travis’s insights are as close as they get to Pat’s personal operations. His comments bring to light Pat’s fascinating blend of athleticism, improvisation skills, and nerdy charm. It will be interesting to see if Mahomes can maintain all these aspects of his character in the coming years when he gets into his 30s.


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