“Delete, Unfollow, Unfriend”: Patrick Mahomes Mom Randi Continues To Inspire Many, Much Like Colorado Head Coach Deion Sanders



Randi Mahomes is a fount of wisdom. While she is a familiar face to NFL fans, as the mother of the Chiefs’ $450 million worth QB Patrick Mahomes, Randi has carved her own path. A devoted single mom, Randi has been a constant source of support for Mahomes as she also strives to leave an impact on others. She shares her life mission on her website; “Set a positive example and make a difference in the lives of others by beginning each day with God in prayer and thanksgiving so that Jesus’ light may shine through me.”

The 50-year-old sticks to her goal of setting a good example as she constantly embraces values and inspires others to do it. With every single post on her social media, Randi graces her followers with timeless wisdom, making her an inspirational figure to many. With her enormous wealth of wisdom, she also reminds another legendary figure in the NFL, Deion Sanders, another person revered for his bounty of knowledge and insights.

Randi shares a valuable insight

Randi recently took to her Instagram story to share a thoughtful insight urging her followers to take measures to protect their peace. In the motivational clip she shared, the quotes read, Delete, unfollow, unfriend, block, erase and disconnect from anyone and anything that robs you of your peace, love and happiness”.

The significance of protecting one’s peace is something that deeply resonates with Coach Sanders too. He jotted down on his Twitter once, You’re no different than anybody else! Everyone is dealing with Something & that Something is that in which u value & is a part of your Peace. The enemies job is to attack that thing, your mind & ultimately your Peace. Know that game, but also know u have God & God don’t lose.

Sanders and Randi have been committed to inspiring and uplifting their followers by constantly sharing pearls of wisdom.

Great minds think alike

The two intelligent souls also seem to share many insights in common. Once Randi reflected on one of her Twitter posts,  ”The devil wouldn’t be attacking so hard if there wasn’t something Holy inside of you. Thieves don’t break into empty houses.. just a reminder all, Jesus wins.”

Sanders also acknowledges the sentiment as he once posted the quote on his Twitter,  ”The enemy is only attacking you because you’re valuable to God. Thieves don’t break into empty houses. You are important”.  Sanders and Randi continue to touch hearts as they are committed to the journey of leaving a profound impact on others.


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