Cowboys’ Jerry Jones ahead of Eagles game: “This is like playoff”



The Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys are set to clash on Sunday, and while Eagles coach Nick Sirianni tried to downplay the game, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones emphasized its importance.  Speaking on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, Jones said: “It is obvious. It has everything to do with our standings. This isn’t about measuring sticks right here. There’s a time when you have to quit measuring, and just try to go get the win. Because the win itself means so much. The win. Not the measuring stick.”

Jones is right; the game is crucial for both teams. The Cowboys are 5-2, while the Eagles are 7-1. If Dallas wins in Philly, it could give them a sweep when they face off again on December 10th, which would give them the critical tiebreaker if both teams finish with the same record. This could ultimately determine whether the Cowboys play their playoff games at home or hit the road.

Jerry later claimed that he has changed his tune about playing postseason games at home given the ability of the Texas Rangers to win on the road. Still, the Cowboys are a different team at home, where they have won 11 in a row on the faster track provided by turf.  Regardless of whether it’s good for the long- or short-term health of the players, it’s good for a Dallas team that knows how to build a lead and then feast on an offense that has been forced to become one-dimensional.

Jerry’s remarks are controversial

As for the significance of the Rangers winning the World Series, Jones made a sweeping declaration, saying, “It is the absolute gloryhole.” While this statement may seem odd out of context, it’s classic Jerry Jones and shows his enthusiasm for his teams.  Sunday’s game between the Eagles and Cowboys is not just a measuring stick; it’s a crucial matchup that could determine the fate of both teams’ playoff hopes. Jerry Jones understands this and emphasizes that winning is everything, not just measuring sticks.


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