Coco Gauff: “My father is helping me with every moment, he still gives me advice on the court”



Coco Gauff started her tennis journey under her father Corey’s wings when she was just eight years old. However, Corey has stepped back from the primary role and has opted to act more as a mentor than a full-time coach.

Gauff claimed in the interview with The National that she never anticipated such a shift but thankfully has Corey’s support in important things.  “I feel like for me there was never a plan on when he [Corey] would take a step back. Like you said, he’s always involved and he’s helping me with every moment, making sure I have the right people in the team and he still gives me advice on the court,” Coco Gauff said.

She further revealed that Corey had already decided to step back once he helped her win her first Grand Slam title.  “But for him, he always said like, ‘If I could help her, get to her first one [Grand Slam], that would be my time to step back’,” Coco Gauff added.


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