“Beautiful Family, Where Is….”: As Patrick Mahomes Father Reappears, Brittany Fans Discover Another Missing Member

only pm & wife in hawaii


In the Mahomes family, there always seems to be a missing person. First, it was Patrick Mahomes‘ father, the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, and now another significant individual remains absent. After his triumphant Super Bowl LVII victory against the Philadelphia Eagles, Patrick Mahomes and his family are truly enjoying themselves. The recent presence of the enigmatic Pat Mahomes Sr. has made Pat’s latest trip even more remarkable.

Patrick Mahomes and his family, excluding Jackson Mahomes, recently went on a work vacation in Hawaii, the city where Patrick and his college sweetheart, Brittany Mahomes, got married. During the vacation, Patrick had the chance to meet his father, Patrick Mahomes Sr., who surprisingly taught him hockey skills. However, a post by Brittany Mahomes highlighted the absence of a particular family member.

Brittany shared the post without a significant member

Brittany Mahomes, known for her active presence on social media, regularly shares updates with her fans. During their recent trip to Hawaii, Brittany shared delightful posts featuring Patrick and their two children. However, in her latest post, their son Bronze was noticeably absent from the Hawaii event. The post, captioned, “@15andmahomies Aloha Classic🌺,” raised curiosity among fans. Following their family vacation in Hawaii, the quarterback will head to Las Vegas to participate in the upcoming edition of The Match.

pm&wife vacation

The Match is a televised charity golf event where celebrities compete on the greens. This year, Patrick Mahomes and his teammate Travis Kelce will face off against the Golden State Warriors duo of Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry. Scheduled for June 29 in Las Vegas, the event will be broadcast on TNT, aiming to raise millions of dollars for charity. Before this big event, the family is seen enjoying their special trip. However, the absence of Bronze in the recent post left fans wondering.

Fans missed adorable Bronze from the picture-perfect frame

The recent post by Brittany received approximately 34k likes. The family was captured wearing traditional floral attire from Hawaii, adorned with garlands around their necks. Sterling, dressed in a charming pink frock, was seen in their arms. Fans adored the family’s look and found them utterly adorable, but they also expressed their longing for Bronze. One fan lovingly commented, “Beautiful family where is Bronze❤️.”

Another person asked, “Where’s Bronze?”   Someone else inquired, “Don’t you have 2 kids?”   However, amidst the queries about Bronze’s absence, many admired the Mahomes family’s appearance. They praised their outfits and commented, “Such cute pics…love your dress🌺”   Another individual complimented, “Love your island wear. ❤️”   A fan remarked, “Absolutely magnificent dress!! Awe precious little one!”


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