Eagles’ Brandon Graham gives interesting theory on Patrick Mahomes’ injury in Super Bowl LVII – “That boy acted good”

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Super Bowl LVII is almost five months past already, and yet Brandon Graham still cannot stop talking about it.

During that game, Patrick Mahomes sprained his ankle as his Kansas City Chiefs trailed Graham’s Philadelphia Eagles, but he played on and ultimately led the team to a comeback 38-35 victory. But speaking recently on JAKOB Sports’ “Sports Take,” the defensive end claimed that the game’s eventual MVP was feigning it:

“(Patrick) went in there on the sideline (and) he’s looking like he’s hurt. Get him, we gotta get to him. And he came out, you can tell how tough he is but that boy acted good. He sure put that face up like (he was hurting).”

Mahomes did receive 30 minutes of treatment during halftime – 2.5x more than normal, but feigned or not, his injury ultimately did not factor in the outcome. But Brandon Graham also has another reason for the Chiefs’ win…

Brandon Graham praises the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line

The Philadelphia Eagles had entered Super Bowl LVII with one of the best defenses in the league, becoming the first team ever to have four players with at least ten sacks. But in the game itself, they failed to get to Patrick Mahomes at all, even when he was hobbling, and most of them blamed it on State Farm Stadium’s playing surface.

But Brandon Graham believes otherwise. It was not the turf that did the Eagles in; it was just that the Chiefs’ offensive line was just that good at protecting Mahomes from the best pass rush unit of the season.

In that same interview, he said:

“I’m telling you, that O-line, boy, they got blessed. I’ll say that,” Graham said with a smile. “When we looked at the film, there was a couple of times where if (Eagles defensive lineman Josh Sweat) don’t slip boy, strip-sack. Especially that first drive, that first drive where he threw it across the middle to (Travis) Kelce. He was right there, man, he slipped. We could not believe it.”

When the Eagles reviewed the film of that game, he vowed that they would avenge the defeat next year:

“When we looked at the film, when I finally looked at it like, man, oh man. We gonna get that on the get-back. It’s coming back. That’s coming back but, like I said, credit to Kansas City — it’s all love. Them boys, they played, too.”  The Chiefs and Eagles will rematch on November 20 at Arrowhead, so Brandon Graham and company have a chance to get their revenge and finally bring down Patrick Mahomes.


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