“They Sooner or Later Will Be Divorced”: Super Bowl LVII Champion Patrick Mahomes and Brittany’s Island Escape Receives Hate

only pm & wife in hawaii


Celebrities, particularly athletes, in this case, are subjected to a lot of online hate! This time, it’s none other than the Super Bowl-winning QB. While many players are deeply immersed in their rigorous fitness and gym regimens, there are a few who prioritize their families. Among these individuals is Patrick Mahomes, the Super Bowl LVII Champion. But, it seems fans are not happy with the Mahomes this time. And it has nothing to do with his game.

After the Kansas City Chiefs victory, the quarterback has had a busy off-season, attending various high-profile events such as the Met Gala, Kentucky Derby, F1 Grand Prix, and whatnot. However, it’s finally time for Patrick Mahomes and his family to take a well-deserved break from all the formalities. But while the two are enjoying their company, fans speculated and targeted the star QB and his wife for nothing.

The Mahomes family’s chill out in paradise

Recently, Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Mahomes, took to Instagram to share their new summer vacation on a beach island in Hawaii. According to some fans, they stayed at the Mauna Lani Beach Club Resort. As an active presence on social media, Brittany made sure to capture and share some memorable snapshots from their vacation. Enjoying their time by the seaside, Brittany referred to their leisure moments as “Fam🏝️.”

pm mom brit sis in hawaii

She posted several pictures featuring her husband and their two adorable babies, Sterling and Bronze. Patrick Mahomes, treating his family, including Randi Mahomes and his half-sibling Mia Randall, arranged a work vacation in Hawaii for the Aloha Golf Classic, a charity tournament hosted by the 15 and the Mahomies Foundation. While the family shared beautiful moments, unfortunately, some fans expressed their negativity and disapproval towards the wonderful relationship between Patrick and Brittany.

Fans are divided over endearing pictures of the Mahomes family

The adorable pictures of the Mahomes family garnered a range of reactions from fans. While many expressed their joy and admiration for the beautiful moments captured, some fans held differing opinions. One user shared a skeptical comment, saying, “According to a source on here, Patrick and Brittany are only together for the show. They sooner or later will be divorced. We need a body language specialist to read them. Especially at the met gala. She wanted nothing to do with him if you watch the video.”

only brittany & husb

However, amidst the mixed reactions, numerous fans adored the Mahomes family and expressed their happiness. One fan commented, “This is absolute happiness and beauty! ❤️.”

Another fan poured their heart out, “my favorite family 🥹”

A fan of their family wrote, “Truly a Happy Family!! ❤️”

Interestingly, some fans were particularly interested in Brittany’s pants and asked, “Where are the pants from?!?”

One fan expressed their admiration for the pants and said, “Super cute pants.”

It is not uncommon for fans to hold diverse opinions and make observations about public figures, including their personal lives, relationships, and fashion choices. However, despite any negativity that may arise, the Mahomes family continues to live their best lives, supporting and loving each other.


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