$255 Million Jalen Hurts Presser Outfit May Have Costed Him $3,300



It’s been less than a week since Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts became the highest-paid player in the NFL. And it seems like the quarterback is wasting no time in spending his newfound wealth. Hurts made his first post-contract appearance in front of the media. And his attire turned a lot of eyes.

Jalen displayed his commitment to the Birds when he showed up in a franchise-colored suit. And it wasn’t any ordinary suit, as Jalen had the brand tag on full display. From there on, it was pretty basic investigative work from fans on Twitter and soon, the suit’s price was common knowledge.

Fans weren’t surprised to see the price tag

Philadelphia Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman penned a massive deal for his passer. Jalen’s extension runs over 5 years with a $255 million value attached. This includes $179 million in guaranteed money. This is less than Deshaun Watson’s guaranteed amount. However, Jalen still tops in average annual value ($51 million). Hurts had his all-female management team, led by agent Nicole Lynn, to thank for this.

Clearly, the effects of grabbing the bag are already showing on Jalen Hurts. The QB sported an Italian tailor-made Gucci suit with the brand name embroidered on his left cuff. This tag helped fans scour the internet for the exact suit. Hurts’ suit set him back by nearly $3,300. However, he can surely afford it on his new salary.

Roseman assumed Hurts’ first purchase to be a Ferrari. However, it seems like the QB is saving the celebratory purchases for after a Super Bowl championship.

Jalen Hurts impressed his teammates on the first day back

The Eagles got underway with their offseason training and team activities. And many Philly players spotted their quarterback and his dashing style statement. “They said I had a nice suit,” Hurts said. Also accompanying the Super Bowl LVII runner-up was his girlfriend, Bry Burrows.

hurts at sixers

However, keeping the bling aside, Hurts has his eyes set on the Vince Lombardi trophy. “It’s a very exciting time for us all to be together. I can’t wait to get back with those guys and get to work and get a meeting with the coaches and talk ball. That’s where I get the thrill from,” he said.  This year he came very close, losing 38-35 to Patrick Mahomes‘ Chiefs. Can the new contract motivate Jalen Hurts to take the reigning NFC Champions to the promised land in 2023?


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