Travis Kelce Was Spotted at Trader Joe’s—Here’s Why Fans Are Convinced He Was Shopping for Taylor Swift

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Over the past month, there has been no escaping the developments in Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s budding and very public relationship. The Super Bowl winning athlete is no stranger to the limelight in his own right, but there is no denying the absolute star power that Swift brings to the equation. And as the celebrity couple makes waves across the internet, fans have been awarded the distinct pleasure of witnessing just how much like us “normal people” the two lovebirds actually are.

On Tuesday afternoon, during what started as an average visit to her local Trader Joe’s, Kansas City realtor Alex Owens quickly took to her Instagram and shared some exciting images of Travis Kelce out shopping for his pop star belle. After weeks of witnessing the couple pop up in the news while out enjoying date nights together and supporting each other at work, we now have our first glimpse at Kelce being what anyone else would describe as a stand-up boyfriend.

Upon discovering that Kelce was, in fact, standing in line ahead of her at the checkout counter, Owens instinctively snapped a few quick photos and videos in an attempt to capture the heartwarming story in real time. “I about cried at the store today when Travis Kelce checked out in front of me,”Owens began to detail on her Instagram stories. “I freaking love Kansas City for being so respectful and polite,” Owens praised her city.


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The realtor and mother of two went on to note just how respectful her Kansas City peers were by not approaching Kelce or acting weird in any way. However, the moment Kelce finished buying his ice cream and left the store, Owens admitted that the “whole store exploded” in excitement over what they had just witnessed.

In a separate post shared to Instagram, former Biggest Loser contestant, Nicole Michalik, immediately began dissecting Owen’s’ exciting discovery. “I’m not going to say I told you so, but I told you our boy Travis was going to ask his girl what kind of snack she wanted,” Michalik said in her Instagram Reel. “And sure enough, here he is, out and about.” Michalik jokingly imagined Swift telling Kelce that the Candy Cane Ice Cream was her favorite, and that’s why the NFL star was spotted shopping at Trader Joe’s.


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Michalik went on to use her sleuthing skills to track down more of Kelce’s whereabouts on that exciting Tuesday afternoon. The Lipstick League podcast host discovered that Kelce had also been spotted shopping at the Hen House, which can be considered as the ACME equivalent for Kansas City. “I bet you she was like, ‘I like Doritos and maybe some LaCroix,’ and there he is, out shopping for her,” Michalik imagined as she swooned over the adorable moment.

You can find a full breakdown of Owen’s’ exciting Trader Joe’s checkout story here, as her original stories have since expired and she took to her reels to immortalize the experience for everyone.

Although fans of Taylor Swift have been known to go absolutely nuts over developments in the couple’s relationship, it is totally admirable that fans were able to hold it together for Kelce. He was graciously met with much needed privacy during a time when his life is perpetually under a microscope. It’s nice to know that the man can still get out there and shop for his lady in public without totally blowing up his spot.


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