‘Your Mansion Is Taking Too Long to Build?’: Millionaire Wife of Patrick Mahomes, Brittany Mahomes Shown No Remorse by NFL Fans After Recent Pregnancy-Related Tweet Draws Sharp Reactions



Brittany Mahomes has a star-studded name in the NFL. She has had a notorious figure among the NFL Universe over some past shenanigans. Patrick Mahomes and Brittany are on the fast trajectory of becoming a power couple in the league. However, the criticisms do not stop coming. The former soccer star faced radical criticism from NFL fans over a pregnancy-related tweet.

The Mahomes Family is having an active 2022. The college sweethearts got married this year and will welcome their second baby. With the return of the NFL season, the family is back in the trend. But this time, Brittany Mahomes is getting a lot of sensationalism. However, it is not a positive way.

Brittany Mahomes tweeted, “Started with building a house when I was pregnant with Sterling, I am now about to have another child and…. still working on the house. life is fun!”

Be it the champagne spray incident or berating the ESPN Analysts. Brittany Mahomes often gets into the spotlight over some controversial situations. Inevitably, her recent tweet also sparked some fire among the users on the social media platform.

NFL Fans take a field trip upon Brittany Mahomes’ tweet

Brittany Mahomes’ tweet caused a stir in the Twitter hemisphere. The users went upon the tweet’s comment box, and showed no remorse over the fitness instructor.
A user believes Brittany is griping since her villa is taking so much time to construct.

A user found it absurd how the affluent in the society think that the world genuinely cares regarding their lives and whichever so-called difficulties they believe they face.

It’s ridiculous the way the privileged in our society think the world cares about their life and whatever so-called problems they think they’re facing. Especially when they already own two big homes!

A user called that at the very least, she can construct a house. Some users are still working hard to achieve that success.

least you can build a house… some of us are still trying to reach that level of success.
7:44 PM · Sep 28, 2022

A user called Brittany a poor thing and prayed for her life to become easier. Meanwhile, the user will try to keep gas in his vehicle.

You poor thing! Prayers up your life gets easier! Meanwhile I will be over here struggling to keep gas in my car.


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