Wife Brittany Openly Taunts Patrick Mahomes For His ‘Obsession’ With Her in High School

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Recently, power couple Brittany and Patrick Mahomes, known for their loving relationship, participated in GQ Sports’ Couples Quiz and left fans in awe. Kansas City Chiefs‘ star QB might exude an action-hero vibe when he is on the field, in personal life, Mahomes’ adoration of his wife Brittany suggests that he is the main character of a high-school teenage movie.

Patrick Mahomes is surely a family man who has shown from time to time that his family remains his first priority despite bearing the burden of being the best QB in the league. Moreover, his love story has been like no other. In fact, Brittany Mahomes, during the couples quiz, revealed how it all started in a taunting way that left Patrick blushing.

So Who Really Was Interested In Who First?

When it comes to taunting her husband, Brittany Mahomes just can’t seem to get enough. During the quiz, Brittany playfully teased Patrick about their early days wanting to know who initiated their interaction first. She plainly asked Patrick as part of the quiz, “Who was interested in who first?” Chiefs QB literally tried to bail out of this cheeky question though, saying, “I don’t know about all that”. She continued saying, “He was obsessed with me. Maybe he was in the friend zone for a very long time, but it’s okay.”

In another question, Mahomes asked her wife, “What do I like the most about you?” Brittany confidently replied, “My drive and work ethic that I do every day. To keep your life and my life together”. In reply to this Mahomes just couldn’t help himself raving about Brittany and how much he loves her. “I do love that about you. I do love that about you. That’s a great answer. I love that one. Thanks. Perfect. And you definitely keep my life together for sure.”

Moreover, in a recent interview with PEOPLE, Patrick also credited Brittany for his success on the field, emphasizing her support and the relief she provides by taking on various responsibilities. “I have a great wife. I think that helps out a ton,” says Mahomes. He expressed his appreciation for Brittany, acknowledging her significant role in his life. “She helps me out a ton by taking stuff off my plate,” added Mahomes.

Patrick Mahomes Teases Wife Brittany While Revealing Her ‘Go-To’ Dance Move

The playful banter between Brittany and Patrick Mahomes was on full display during the GQ Couples Quiz. They kept going after each other in a light-hearted manner. When asked about Brittany’s go-to dance move, Patrick couldn’t help but tease her, saying, “I would say your go-to dance move is probably twerking”.

However, it’s not all teasing and jokes. Patrick also shared some insights into Brittany’s habits, revealing that her worst habit is snoring. On the other hand, he acknowledged her attention to detail and need for perfection, saying, “Everything just has to be in the perfect place”. Despite their playful jabs at each other, it’s clear that they have a deep understanding and appreciation for each other’s quirks and habits.

The couple’s ability to balance playful teasing with genuine admiration and understanding showcases the strong bond they share. Their dynamic and chemistry shine through even in interviews, making them a captivating couple, both, on and off the field.


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