Why Travis Kelce’s Offseason Trainer Andrew Spruill Wants Taylor Swift to Visit Florida



As the NFL season nears its end, Travis Kelce is likely already planning his offseason, including where he will spend his time training and preparing for next year.  The football star’s longtime trainer, Andrew Spruill, opened up about Kelce’s 2024 plans and shared why he hopes Kelce’s girlfriend Taylor Swift will join.

Speaking with The Palm Beach Post, Spruill confirmed that Kelce said he will be returning to Boca Raton in Florida to train next year, adding, “I trust he’ll be back, especially if he wants to keep playing at the age he is. He needs to get in the gym and make sure he’s ready.”

The professional trainer also recalled meeting Swift at a couple of games in late 2023, as well as a team holiday party, with her height a big surprise: “She’s 5’11”. I was surprised. I’m 5’11” and we’re eye to eye.”  He shared his hopes to talk to her about how she got in shape for the world-dominating Eras tour, stating, “I’ll see her next month…Maybe I can talk to her about her workout routine and see if she needs help. I read where she talked about it, the different things she does to work out.”

He seemed eager to discuss working out with Swift, commenting on her current routine, “She has a workout routine where she runs on a treadmill and sprints while trying to sing her songs.”  As of right now, it’s unclear if Swift will spend a lot of time in the Boca Raton area throughout Kelce’s offseason.

Spruill also shared his thoughts on the ongoing conversation about Kelce’s struggles on the field and whether or not Swift is to blame. In his opinion, the way Kelce is playing is due to various injuries.  “He started off hurt and missed game one,” he said. “Two days before the game, he hyperextended his knee at practice…That, plus a new offense, and receivers they have, it hasn’t come together as it was expected to.”  But Spruill appears to have faith in Kelce’s commitment and skill, complimenting his attitude and calling him “coachable” and “on top of their athletic ability.”


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