Why are Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce not playing Week 10 of 2023 NFL season?

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Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce will not be playing in Week 10 of the 2023 NFL season as the Kansas City Chiefs are set to go on their Bye, during which the tight end is reportedly going to spend with girlfriend Taylor Swift in Argentina.

Mahomes, 28, could accompany Kelce as Swift resumes her Eras Tour in South America on Thursday, especially considering his wife Brittany is becoming one of the popstar’s best friends. They were spotted together in New York while the Chiefs played in Germany.

Kelce, 34, continued the trend of underperforming when Swift is not in the crowd, racking up just 14 yards on what would still become a historic game for him.  He surpassed Tony Gonzalez as the franchise’s all-time leader in receiving yards, but will go into the Bye Week with other things on his mind.

Travis Kelce to watch Taylor Swift rock out

Kelce will join Swift in Buenos Aires while having some time off from the grueling NFL schedule, according to a source cited by Entertainment Tonight.  Swift will be performing at Monumental Stadium in Bueno Aires from Novermber 9-11 before a few date in Brazil. Kelce wants to support her like she has by going to several of his games this season.  Kansas City will be back in action on November 20 against the Philadelphia Eagles after defeating the Miami Dolphins.

NFL teams on Bye in Week 10 of 2023 season

Chiefs will not be the only team to be on a Bye in Week 10. Miami, like Kansas City, opted to rest after their game abroad.



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