Where does Jalen Hurts rank in Total QBR entering Week 11?

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Week 10 of the 2023 NFL season is in the books, and the Eagles are set to begin preparation for Monday night showdown against the Kansas City Chiefs.  With the first half of the season completed, the postseason hierarchy is starting to take shape, along with the chase for specific individual awards. Jalen Hurts is an MVP candidate, and one of the actual measuring sticks will be where he lands in Total QBR entering the playoffs.

When evaluating quarterback play, a trusted metric is ESPN’s Total QBR rating, which does more than take into account statistics.  According to ESPN, Adjusted Total Quarterback Rating (QBR) “values the quarterback on all play types on a 0-100 scale adjusted for the strength of opposing defenses.”

So where do Hurts and other NFL quarterbacks, including the Cowboys Dak Prescott, Bills’ Josh Allen, and Chiefs Patrick Mahomes, rank following Week 11 of the 2023 NFL season?

Here’s how the qualifying NFL quarterbacks stack up:

32-Ryan Tannehill
Total QBR: 33.1

31- Bryce Young
Total QBR: 33.2

30-Zach Wilson
Total QBR: 34.2

29-Jimmy Garoppolo
Total QBR: 34.3

28-Kenny Pickett
Total QBR: 36.3

27-Daniel Jones
Total QBR: 37.9

26-Mac Jones
Total QBR: 38.9

25-Justin Fields
Total QBR: 39.1

24-Desmond Ridder
Total QBR: 40.7

23-Deshaun Watson
Total QBR: 44.7

22-Jordan Love
Total QBR: 46.5

21-Sam Howell
Total QBR: 47.5

20-Derek Carr
Total QBR: 50.8

19-Russell Wilson
Total QBR: 52.5

18-Joe Burrow
Total QBR: 53.8

17-Geno Smith
Total QBR: 54.3

16-Trevor Lawrence
Total QBR: 55.7

15-Matthew Stafford
Total QBR: 56.0

14-Baker Mayfield
Total QBR: 56.4

13-Joshua Dobbs
Total QBR: 58.1

12-Lamar Jackson
Total QBR: 61.4

11-Gardner Minshew
Total QBR: 61.9

10-C.J. Stroud
Total QBR: 63.3

9-Kirk Cousins
Total QBR: 63.9

8-Tua Tagovailoa
Total QBR: 65.0

7-Jalen Hurts
Total QBR: 66.0

6-Jared Goff
Total QBR: 66.3

5-Justin Herbert
Total QBR: 69.7

4-Josh Allen
Total QBR: 72.1
Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen

3-Dak Prescott
Total QBR: 72.7
Dak Prescott #4 of the Dallas Cowboys

2-Patrick Mahomes
Total QBR: 72.9
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes

1-Brock Purdy
Total QBR: 76.4
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy


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