“What Do You Get Out of Being So Cruel”: Patrick Mahomes Mom Randi Expressed Her Deep Dissatisfaction With The Incessant Online Hate Directed At Her Family In A Twitter Outburst

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The world of celebrities often faces criticism, and the Mahomes family is no exception. Whether it’s Jackson Mahomes, Patrick Mahomes, or former soccer player Brittany Mahomes, they all encounter their fair share of critics. Amidst this constant scrutiny, it can be particularly frustrating for a strong woman like Randi Mahomes.

As a single mother, she knows the struggles she endured to support her children, including making the Chiefs man an NFL star and being there for them through every stage of life. Randi has experienced the pain of seeing one of her sons arrested and losing her mother, Debbie Martin, after a prolonged illness. Now, fueled by her simmering emotions, she has taken to the internet to express her anger and frustration towards the relentless stream of daily hate.

Randi Mahomes opposed criticism one more time

In a recent Twitter outburst, Randi Mahomes expressed her deep dissatisfaction with the incessant online hate directed at her and her family. This isn’t the first time she has voiced her frustration on Twitter; once again, she has posted a heart-wrenching message. The mother of three shared a poignant tweet, lamenting, “I will never understand the ugliness of strangers.”

She continued, “What do you get out of being so cruel to me or anyone.” Her message received positive responses from her fans, who supported her with their kind and motivational words. But what could’ve triggered such a reaction from Randi?

A turbulent time for the ‘Mahomes’

As $450 million Patrick Mahomes shines on the field, his family often finds themselves in the spotlight for various off-the-field incidents. Recently, Brittany Mahomes faced backlash from PETA for kissing a dolphin and has also received criticism for her appearance and outfits at events like the Met Gala, Netflix’s ‘Quarterback’ Series premiere, and ESPY 2023.


Additionally, she was criticized for spraying champagne on fans during a cold-weather playoff game celebration. Meanwhile, Jackson Mahomes has been at the center of controversy, facing assault allegations and other incidents like pouring water on Baltimore Ravens fans or dancing in the background of Patrick’s post-game Super Bowl interview.

Despite numerous controversies, the Mahomes family remains tightly knit, with Randi playing a crucial role in shielding them from hate and supporting them through thick and thin.


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