“We Will Evolve”- Jerry Jones Gives an Ultimatum After His Cowboys Survive a Scare Against Chargers

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We finally have a word from Jerry Jones after the Cowboys took a rightful victory against the Chargers in SoFi Stadium. After a draught, the Cowboys finally got the rain they deserved as they came out 4-2 out of the Chargers’ bout. But the result could have been the opposite if Dak Prescott didn’t use his legs and arms simultaneously. Well, a win is a win, however.

Jerry Jones is a Jolly Cowboy. After the game concluded, he went on the interview with 105.3 the Fan. He spilled his heart out and laid out some future visions for the team to adhere to. Jones paid his respects to the Chargers and cherishes the close win. Jones and the team were under a lot of pressure, but they finally redeemed themselves.
Jerry Jones is flying

He addressed the public from New York with 105.3 the Fan and mentioned right off the bat that he was levitating, flying, without the need to be in an airplane. Jones flew to New York after the game. Both teams struggled with the game and Jones respects the Chargers’ hustle as he acknowledged that they did a good job. But there is something else that bothers Jerry Jones as well. Despite a stellar defense line, the Cowboys weren’t able to do a lot of offense and they won the game with Brandon Aubrey’s boot. But, the past disappointment still leaves a lot of room for Jones and the Cowboys to improve and he knows it.


“We’re not yet the team we can be. The major limiting factor for our team to evolve and get better will be availability of players we’re counting on. Injury, principally, is the problem. But if we can stay healthy, we will evolve and get better.” said Jones looking back.

Also, Dak Prescott and Brandin Cooks showed us something that we haven’t seen from them before. The 18-yard touchdown and the stellar catch from Cooks quickly became the highlight of the game. The Cowboys are playing the Rams next after a bye week, so there is a possibility that they come out stronger. There is a need for improvement and practice for sure. And Jones was not shy to admit the fact. Per him, the team can still evolve and be unbeatable.

The Evolution of the Cowboys

It also boils down to the injured arsenal that the Cowboys are dealing with right now. This is something that is also a hindrance in the Cowboys’ much-needed evolution. But safe to say that the Cowboys are staying at the top of their hustle. And they see all the signs from the universe that they need to train harder and win more.

dak prescott training

“That was an important win for us and, yes, we did need to win because of the disappointment we had in San Francisco. We’ll use this bye week to really evaluate our first six games. We’re a long way down the road from when we left training camp, and we’ve got a long way to go.” mentioned Jones.


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