“We Played Santa & Gave Them A Present”: Travis Kelce Gets Brutally Honest On Chiefs Christmas Day Loss To Raiders


The Kansas City Chiefs’ loss to the Las Vegas Raiders was a heartbreaking one. Especially considering the fact that they had already beaten the Raiders earlier this season. On the latest episode of the New Heights Podcast, Travis Kelce shared his thoughts on the game and how he felt losing an important game despite the home-field advantage.  But not one to mope around, he also promised that the Chiefs would bounce back from the disaster and make fans proud once again. So what exactly went wrong on Christmas Day?

Chiefs turned generous on Christmas Day

The Chiefs walked into Arrowhead Stadium with a six-game winning streak against the Raiders. But then the streak snapped as the Raiders won 14-20. Reacting to the loss, Kelce said, “We literally played Santa and gave them a present.” However, the main culprit of the defeat was Patrick Mahomes who threw a pick-six and a crucial interception which cost them the team. Unfortunately, for Kelce, he also extended his five-game streak of not scoring a single touchdown.

He said, “That was embarrassing.” Kelce also lamented the fact that they had lost at their home stadium and on a special day like Christmas. However, it was not just Mahomes but the entire offense that gave an underwhelming performance. Travis highlighted the areas where the offense lacked and even praised the Raiders’ defense for carrying the day for the team since most of the points scored by the Raiders were by the defense.

Travis blasts his offense for poor performance

After the first quarter, the Chiefs had -18 yards under their belt. It was the lowest they had been since the Week 12 game against the Raiders when they had managed just 11 yards. He admitted that it was not a one-off incident and that the offense had been having trouble bringing their A-game to the gridiron since the past few matchups. He was frustrated at the fact that although they had all the right weapons to win games, they still ended up losing some big ones.

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But he promised fans, “Every single day we’re going in here fixing it.” He did not lay the blame on any one person, but said, “It’s everybody’s in this f***ing thing together.” So far in the season, it is the Chiefs’ defense that has been keeping them going. But as the season enters its final couple of weeks, and the Chiefs enter the playoffs, their offense needs to step up or it will be game over for the reigning Super Bowl Champions.


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