WATCH – Kansas City Chiefs Score Touchdown, Refs Throw Red Flag, but There Was a Twist

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The Kansas City Chiefs are battling against the Miami Dolphins for Sunday Prime Time Football in the beautiful setting of Germany. This anticipated matchup is the fourth of five international games this season. In fact, it might be the opportunity the Chiefs might be looking for to redeem their last week’s performance against the Denver Broncos. Well! The good news is that the men in red appear to be in full mojo.

With the O-Line becoming proactive to score the first TD, the Chiefs have already established the fact they are going to make their critics eat their words. This marvelous gameplay from Chiefs, astonishingly, was initiated right after refs threw a red flag for their first attempt.

Kansas City Chiefs: Gridiron maestros

The Kansas City Chiefs were quick to start their proactive gameplay and dive for the first touchdown. Clearly, the hosts are showing true hospitality to the aquatic dynamos at the Frankfurt Stadium this morning.

NFL UK took to the social media platform “X’ to share the moment they scored a touchdown with a short snippet. Captioned, “First one called as an incomplete pass @Chiefs on the very next play…” the video featured Rashee Rice catching a pass from Patrick Mahomes and waltzing into the end-zone.

Interestingly, in their first attempt to score a TD, the Chiefs’ pass was ruled incomplete, and the Dolphins threw a red flag, making everyone hold their breaths. A red flag is thrown when a challenge is about to take place on the field. However, looks like Rashee Rice came blitzing to the Chiefs’ rescue. Helping the Chiefs secure a 7-point lead with three minutes left in the first quarter. What followed next was a superb field goal by Harrison Butker.

Chiefs’ defensive blitz stuns former teammate Hill as Miami falls short

The Chiefs managed to throw some serious shade on the league’s top offense in Frankfurt, hanging onto a massive lead but almost letting it slip away. Miami’s hopes for a comeback were dashed when Tua Tagovailoa fumbled a crucial snap on fourth-and-10 from the Chiefs’ 31 with just over a minute to go. Mahomes, the maestro, scored with Rice and McKinnon in the first half, while Miami repeatedly found themselves in challenging third-and-long situations. Unfortunately for the Dolphins, facing teams with winning records hasn’t been their forte, slipping to 0-3.

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The Chiefs’ defense, powered by a trio of players, pulled off a jaw-dropping play right before halftime, elevating them to a 21-0 lead, and it was at the expense of their former teammate, Tyreek Hill. But in the end, the Chiefs rode the wave, emerging victorious. These red-hot warriors now stand at a dominant 7-2, ruling the AFC division with an iron fist. Next up: the Philadelphia Eagles!


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