WATCH: Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes DENIES giving autograph to a kid, explains reason behind his actions

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The American Century Championship (ACC) is a celebrity golf event which is held every year at the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course. With so many star players and celebrities participating in the event it’s natural fans will stop them and ask for an autograph. But if the players start to halt after every round, the tournament would never finish!

Off and on the football field, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is a really good guy. He is polite with his fans and followers and behaves very well with them. Hence when a new video of him denying a kid an autograph during the ACC golf tournament went viral, people were left very surprised.

However, that is not the entire back story on why Patrick Mahomes was unable to give the child an autograph. Mahomes had in fact been told by authorities to sign fewer autographs as it was delaying the period of play.

Patrick Mahomes is confronted by an angry father after he refused an autograph for a child

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Before this situation, Mahomes was trying to make as many fans happy but it was hampering the time restrictions. “They told me I can’t do anymore … I was signing stuff, and they said I was taking too long,” Mahomes said.

Hence when this kid went around Patrick Mahomes to get their autograph, the star quarterback had to deny it. The child asked Mahomes if he could sign his jersey while standing by the ropes but the latter replied “Can’t sign for everyone”.

This was enough for the father of the child to get upset and he too got into the argument. “I can’t make everybody happy,” Mahomes said to which the father replied with a – “No, you can, you can just make one kid happy out of 100.” He ended the conversation with a – “I’ll make 99 sad.” “That’s alright … one out of 99, at least it ain’t zero per cent,” the dad again hit back out at him.  It would seem the dad got a bit too upset with Mahomes refusing to give the signature but in all honesty, Patrick Mahomes gave him a polite answer and did not rudely dismiss him.


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