WATCH: Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes chased by bee at training camp

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Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, several other quarterbacks, and members of the offensive coaching staff had to deal with a fan of the buzzing variety during Thursday’s training camp practice.

KSHB-TV sports anchor Aaron Ladd captured a video of a bee chasing after Patrick Mahomes and pestering the other quarterbacks. He also had a pretty clever caption.  “With the bee-fence closing in, Mahomes escapes the pocket,” Ladd wrote.  You can see backup QB Shane Buechele and Offensive Coordinator Matt Nagy swatting at the bee as it flies around the huddled group of players and coaches. It took a liking to Mahomes, who fled the scene as quickly as possible.

Mahomes had his own response on Twitter, which evoked some memories of former Chiefs S Eric Berry and his fear of horses.  “I don’t mess with bees,” Mahomes wrote on Twitter.

Hopefully, Mahomes won’t be facing the Steelers in their “bumblebee” throwback uniforms anytime soon.


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