WATCH: Andy Reid Celebrates Super Bowl Win With Pizza And Salad After Fox’s Terry Bradshaw Fat-Shamed Him During Trophy Presentation

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid celebrated his Super Bowl victory with a pizza and a salad two days after Fox Sports analyst Terry Bradshaw fat-shamed him.  Following the Chiefs’ 38-35 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, Reid and Bradshaw were on the stage for the presentation of the Vince Lombardi Trophy, and Bradshaw inexplicably took a shot at the Chiefs’ head coach’s weight.  “Big guy, let me get the big guy in here. Come on, waddle over here,” Bradshaw said.

After Bradshaw and Reid talked about the game and the interview concluded, the Fox analyst used the time to poke fun of the head coach’s weight again.  “Have a cheeseburger on us and enjoy the Hawaiian shirts,” Bradshaw said.  Lisa Gutierrez of The Kansas City Star was among those who criticized Bradshaw. In a post on Monday, she wrote:

The losers from Sunday’s Super Bowl game included Fox Sports broadcaster Terry Bradshaw for a disrespectful comment he made to Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid during the celebration, football fans said in near unison on social media.

Immediately after the cringy comments, the hashtag Terry Bradshaw trended on Twitter, with many calling for the Hall of Fame quarterback to retire from broadcasting.  On Tuesday, Reid met with the media through a zoom press conference, and he was asked about the meal he had when the team arrived back in Kansas City.

“I went to Pizza 51,” Reid said. “That’s what I did. I got a mushroom and sausage pizza. How about that? And a salad just to make my chubbiness feel good.”

Perhaps Reid waited two days to take the opportunity in the virtual press conference to indirectly shoot a response at Bradshaw’s unnecessary fat shaming of the coach who just won his second career Super Bowl.


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