Video: Patrick Mahomes Throws Behind-the-Back Pass to Skyy Moore at Chiefs’ Practice

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We’ve already seen what Patrick Mahomes can do when he’s not even looking at a receiver.  Now the Magic Johnson of the gridiron is apparently adding behind-the-back passes to his arsenal.  The Kansas City Chiefs posted a video of Mahomes hitting Skyy Moore with a behind-the-back pass Saturday, likely sending defensive coordinators around the NFL into night terrors in the process.

This isn’t the first time Mahomes has dazzled in training camp with jaw-dropping tricks. A year ago, he nailed the crossbar going behind the back and throwing left-handed.

Now that Mahomes is comfortable pulling out all the stops in actual practice action, defenses should be on notice. After all, the reigning league MVP has no qualms about no-look passes and has gone to his left hand multiple times when needed in the past.  Any other quarterback, we could just chalk this up to a fun party trick. This isn’t the case with Mahomes.


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