Video: Patrick Mahomes partners with Walmart and shares his favorite items: What did the Chiefs quarterback buy?

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Companies using celebrities to try and improve their business is nothing new, yet Walmart are embarking on a radical new strategy involving high-profile athletes to try and boost their popularity in the United States’ shopping market.

For the first time ever, Walmart has introduced a new digital shopping experience that is offering regular customers the chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at how celebrities shop at the retailer.  Whilst dubbed as a digital-first shopping experience, the supermarket is promising customers the chance to connect with their favorite celebrities in a unique way.

In addition to seeing content of the celebrity, users will also be able to order customized shopping carts filled identically to what the celebrity purchases on their trips to Walmart.  “Through this new experience, we’re making it easier for our customers to discover, share and shop these famous favorites from Walmart,” a press release read.

Which celebrities are involved in the program?

Patrick Mahomes has been the highest-profile athlete to be announced as a partner to the new Walmart digital program.  As a father of two young children, many are eager to see just what he purchases on a week-to-week basis from the perspective of grocery shopping.  As part of the launch of Walmart’s new shopping experience, Mahomes is joined by Becky G, who has also signed a partnership with the supermarket.

Some of Mahomes’ top items include unique dog treats for his two dogs, Steel and Silver, however as a keen golfer he also purchases a 12-pack of golf balls to help him lower that handicap.  There is also a wide selection of children’s toys, including a soccer ball and a T-ball set.


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