VIDEO – Brutally Honest Patrick Mahomes Drops a Major Confession After Eagles Game



Patrick Mahomes and the squad made a few “schoolboy mistakes” during the recent matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles. After landing a series of victories, the Kansas City Chiefs faced defeat against the Denver Broncos and now, the NFC division leaders. During the post-game conference, Mahomes pointed out what went wrong! The Chiefs‘ offense indeed collapsed against the Eagles’ defense and the Chiefs’ QB wasn’t happy about it.

Patrick Mahomes admits his flaw: “Starts with me”

The Monday night football matchup between the Chiefs and the Eagles was nothing short of a nightmare for the Chiefs. However, more than the defeat, the Chiefs’ star QB Patrick Mahomes’ performance became the point of concern, as he faced yet another sluggish game with his passes.

KMBC 9’s YouTube channel uploaded a video of the Chiefs’ post-game conference. QB Mahomes highlighted his flaws by saying, “I think offensively, I’m just not where I want to be at this point in the season. And that’s everybody. Starts with me.”  “I gotta make better throws at certain times, we have to continue to move the ball down the field and just be more consistent thoroughly throughout the game.”

The Eagles’ defense dominated the Chiefs’ offense in the second half, easily restricting them from scoring points.

The Chiefs’ fumbled to the Eagles’ at the Arrowhead

After losing to the Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII by a scoreline of 38-35, the Eagles got their revenge in the Monday night game. The Eagles dominated the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. Their defense controlled the game in the second half. Furthermore, even though the Chiefs’ defense was in staggering form, the offensive line failed to deliver a promising play.


After trailing with a score of 17-7 at halftime, Jalen Hurts’ touchdown run got the Eagles in the lead. This victory for the Eagles broke the winning streak for the Chiefs. The 21-17 turnover battle was a result of the Eagles forcing an interception and fumble, both in the red zone. It seems they are all set for the Super Bowl.

The Eagles will face the Buffalo Bills at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on November 16. On the other hand, Patrick Mahomes and his team will battle against the Las Vegas Raiders on the same day.


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