Unkown Mia Randall’s Father, Patrick Mahomes’ sister: bio and all the details


Patrick Mahomes became the youngest quarterback in NFL history to be named Super Bowl MVP in 2018 and has since racked up dozens of awards. As one of the most known NFL players, his personal life is constantly in the limelight. Dig into this article that delves into the life of one of Mahomes’ younger siblings, Mia Randall.

Is Mia Randall the sister of Patrick Mahomes? As his fame grows, curious fans seek to discover more about the Super Bowl LIV and Super Bowl LVII winner and his family. Scroll down to learn more about Patrick Mahomes’s family life and a detailed snapshot of his sister Mia.

Profile summary and bio

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Randall was born on the 12th of July 2011 to Randy Martin in Texas in the United States of America. Her siblings include Patrick, Jackson and Zoe Mahomes. Although Mia is Patrick Mahomes’s half-sister, the aspiring basketball player has earned considerable fame locally and nationally.

Who are Mia Randall’s parents?

Bliss was born following Randy Martin and Patrick Mahomes Sr’s separation and divorce. Despite fans’ curiosity, details of Randy’s partner at the time and Randall’s father are yet to be revealed to the public.

Do Patrick Mahomes and Mia have the same dad?

Patrick Mahomes and Randall share a mother, Randy Martin Mahomes. However, Martin divorced Patrick’s father, Pat Mahomes, in 2006. The two went on to sire two daughters, Mia Randall, and Zoe Mahomes, with different partners.

Who is Mia Randall’s biological father?

Details of Randall’s father remain unconfirmed to the public. However, according to various publications, Bliss’ alleged father is PJ Randall, a Mesquite native. Speculations suggest that PJ and Randy separated soon after the birth of Mia.


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How old is Mia Randall?

Patrick Mahomes’ half-sister, Bliss, is 12 years old as of July 2023. Her zodiac sign is Cancer.


Although various sources reveal that Miss Bliss goes to Texas High School, her mother, Randi Mahomes’ Instagram posts indicate that she studies at All Saints Episcopal School. Frequently, Randi shares images of the young tween’s school routine and extracurricular activities.

Mia Randall’s career

Bliss is an active tennis, baseball, volleyball, softball, and basketball athlete. Although Randall’s sporting talent has yet to reach professional levels, she is an active All Saints basketball and volleyball team member, even appearing in inter-varsity games.

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Mia Randall and Randi Mahomes’ accident

In 2022, an EF-3 scale tornado that injured 23 people threatened to harm the mother-daughter duo. After attending Bliss’ softball game, the two were caught up in a storm that recorded wind speeds of 165 mph.  In a tweet, Randi revealed that her efforts to find shelter were unsuccessful after she was denied entry into a restaurant. Although the ordeal left her with injuries on her arm, she later defended the restaurant saying,

“I realize now they were taking cover themselves and probably thought the beating on the door was the winds, rain, or thunder. So scary I’m still shaken up. Amid all the crying and chaos, my daughter asked me if we could pray.”

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What is Mia Randall’s net worth?

Despite having a significant following, the budding star athlete does not seem to have any sources of income. However, according to sources, her net worth is estimated at between $1 million and $5 million. Additionally, she hails from a wealthy family whose members’ combined net worth ranges around $60 million.

Is Mia Randall on Instagram?

The budding sports prodigy has an active social media presence managed by her mother, Randi Mahomes. Her Instagram account @Miabliss15 has over 16,500 thousand followers, while 2999 followers follow her TikTok account as of 4th July 2023. Anticipation for Mia Randall’s birthday is building as fans seek to get her TiTok following to 3000 by her birthdate on the 12th of July, 2023.

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Despite her young age, all accounts indicate that Mia Randall is an upcoming sports prodigy who will follow in his half-brother’s footsteps. Fans eagerly wait to see the heights this rising sports star will reach.


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