Tyreek Hill reveals Patrick Mahomes once told him ‘you can’t catch the ball’ as he called out the entire Chiefs offense



Tyreek Hill has revealed an enraged Patrick Mahomes once called out the entire Kansas City Chiefs offense individually, telling the receiver that he ‘can’t catch the ball’.  Mahomes and Hill were teammates at the Chiefs for four years, winning the Super Bowl together in 2020.

Together they forged one of the most dangerous offense combinations in the NFL with Hill’s devastating speed and Mahomes’ pinpoint accuracy destroying opposition defenses.  Hill left Kansas City for the Miami Dolphins in 2022 and has continued to put him record numbers with Tua Tagovailoa in Florida while Mahomes has won a further two Super Bowls without the ‘Cheetah’.  Speaking on The Pivot with Ryan Clark, Hill recalled how Mahomes’ put down of his struggling receivers during a blip in Kansas City proved he was ‘different’.

Hill said: ‘Pat is a different dude and I’m going to tell you how he’s a different dude.  ‘I can’t remember what year it was but we were on a bad streak and all his supporting cast were playing bad. Me, Kelce, Demarcus Robinson, Mecole Hardman, Sammy Watkins. We were all playing bad.  ‘This dude called the whole offense up. He called the whole offense up, on like a Tuesday I believe, and cussed us all the f*** out.

‘Me and Pat, we go back and forth but that was the moment right there where he stood on business and I was like “bro, I really respect this mother f***er because he just called out all his f***ing weapons, individually pointed us out, looked us in the f***ing eye and said: “you think you’re so f***ing fast but you can’t catch the f***ing ball. You want to be the best receiver in the game?”.

‘He was letting me have it. Then he went to Kelce, then he want to D’Rob (Robinson), then he went to Sammy. He went to all of us, calling us all out.  ‘In that moment right there I was like “yo, this is go time now”. That put so much fuel in my heart.  ‘That next game was when we began to get things rolling because you never want to get called out by the leader of your team like that. You don’t.  ‘I was like “I’m not going to let nobody down in this circle anymore” and we started killing it after that.’

Clark said Mahomes was ‘on the trajectory that has the possibility of being the greatest quarterback ever’, to which Hill interrupted and said: ‘he will be’.  Hill also called Mahomes ‘obviously the best quarterback in the league’.  Hill had an incredible 2023 season, finishing with an NFL-leading 1,799 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns before Miami lost to the Chiefs, his former team, in the AFC Wild Card Game.

Speaking about Tagovailoa, Hill added: ‘This year, for Tua, is like a build on season.  ‘This is obviously the best season of his career. We’re going to go from accurate to being fearless and continuing to add on to his game.  ‘He’s got the skillset and he’s got the supporting cast to do it with all the weapons he’s got around him.’


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