Travis Kelce’s ex-GF Kayla Nicole defends her Jalen Hurts post, admits she wants a powerful man



Kayla Nicole, who previously dated Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, recently made an appearance on the “Behind the Likes” podcast and defended her post about Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, plus described who she wants to date.

Nicole, 32, reposted a picture of Hurts in November 2023 and made a comment about his eyes. She also wrote “fly Eagles fly.”  Kelce, 34, was reportedly mad that she would try to shoot her shot at Hurts, who had recently gone public with his girlfriend.  “Everyone has eyes. I got in so much trouble for that,” Kayla said, “But that is my personality. If you know me, my intentions are pure and also, I’m a girls’ girl, he has a girlfriend. I have no intention of trying to slide in there.”

Kayla Nicole wants to date men in positions of power

When asked if she would still date an athlete after breaking up with Kelce, who is now dating Taylor Swift, Nicole admitted her preference are powerful men.  “I’ll never say never, but I fully, wholeheartedly believe that I am out of the athlete stage,” Nicole said. “I would love to just date someone that – I do think that I am attracted to men in positions of power and I also think that those types of men are attracted to me, so I would love to date an executive of a record label or a movie producer so that we can go to the sporting events.

“Let date night be courtside at the Lakers game, that’s my kind of guy. I don’t really need to go to any more sporting events because I have a jersey on with someone’s name on the back – I did that, it was fun, I’m good.”


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