Travis Kelce Might Not Take Recreational Drugs But Other Psychedelics Are Gaining Popularity In The NFL

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While Travis Kelce taking cocaine is unlikely, other drugs are gaining popularity within the NFL community, especially as it pertains to psychedelics.  Aaron Rodgers, now with the New York Jets, set the conversation is motion last year, when he admitted to taking Ayahuasca on a trip. He claimed that it helped him immensely, going so far as to say that it was one of the reasons he won back-to-back MVP titles a year prior. He was also present at the Psychedelic Science Conference in Denver recently.

Former NFL player Pat McAfee has also weighed in on the matter of psychedelics, by saying that mushrooms have helped him a lot. He, in fact, credited them for making sure he got his life in order and reaching where he is now. Given he is soon to become one of the faces of ESPN, where there have been massive layoffs otherwise, that is a big claim.

Travis Kelce himself has said that recreational marijuana use is high in the NFL community, saying that a majority of the players consume it and stop just in time for the tests. He has not said whether he partakes in it.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Super Bowl champ Travis Kelce estimated that “50-80% of NFL players smoke weed”. 🏈

It is fair to say, though, that cocaine remains very different from marijuana in the scope of legal realm. Hence, it is unlikely anyone, Travis Kelce or anyone else, will be admitting anytime soon to carrying the stuff into the White House.


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