Travis Kelce caught wearing strip club t-shirt: Did he visit Vegas club while dating Taylor Swift?



The Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce, renowned for his outstanding NFL career, recently found himself in a different kind of spotlight. Known for being a two-time Super Bowl Champion and a seven-time All-Pro, Kelce’s fame reached a new dimension after he started dating pop icon Taylor Swift. However, it’s a recent fashion choice that’s stirring up more attention than his on-field heroics or high-profile relationship.

Kelce was spotted wearing a T-shirt with the words “Crazy Horse 3 Las Vegas,” which is known to be a strip club located coincidentally close to the Raiders’ home stadium in Vegas. This apparel choice has sparked a flurry of speculation and controversy, considering his status as a sports icon and his relationship with Swift, who is known for her pristine public image.


The shirt can only be bought inside the club

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported that the T-shirt is exclusively sold at the club and is not available for purchase online. This revelation has fueled rumors about Kelce’s possible visit to the club, although there’s no confirmation of his presence there. The club itself, adhering to its policy of guest privacy, declined to comment on whether Kelce had ever been a customer.

This incident has opened up a can of worms regarding Kelce’s personal life, especially in the context of his relationship with Swift. Taylor Swift, dubbed “America’s Sweetheart,” maintains a squeaky-clean image, which seems to clash with the implications of Kelce’s T-shirt. The Kansas City Chiefs’ media department has not commented on the matter, adding to the intrigue and speculation.  Kelce’s choice to wear a T-shirt associated with a Vegas strip club raises questions about the constant battle between personal choices and public perception, especially when dating a figure like Swift, who is highly conscious of her public image.


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