Tracing Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany’s Destiny, 23-Year-Old NFL Star Encounters Marine Creature on Vacation



The NFL offseason has been quite an interesting one up until now. But most importantly, it has given players the time to relax and unwind with their families from the hustle and bustle of the league. And players have been using this opportunity to the full extent to create beautiful memories with their families. 2X Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes has been using this opportunity to its full extent, going on various vacations with his family.

And now, another 23-year-old QB of the league is taking time off from his busy schedule to embrace in holiday joys with his wife. And he recently was left in awe after spending time encountering marine creatures on his vacation.

Trevor Lawrence embraces his off-season vacation

Jacksonville Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence has been slowly coming into the limelight. He recently starred in an Adidas commercial with Patrick Mahomes, which aimed to promote the Women’s soccer team of the United States ahead of their World Cup starting this month. And now, Lawrence has taken time off from endorsements and his busy NFL schedule to make memories with his high-school sweetheart and wife, Merissa Lawrence.

trevon lawrence

In a recent Instagram story shared by the QB, we see many dolphins swimming in the blue ocean waters where the couple are enjoying their time off. The QB was in awe of the sight, as he wrote “Crazy seeing this many dolphins all together” in the story. Even his wife shared the mesmerizing sight of seeing so many of these aquatic creatures swimming in unison. And this must certainly be a highlight of their vacation together.

But while they are enjoying their time with these aquatic friends, one cannot help but wonder if they will be subjected to criticisms, just like how Brittany Mahomes received because of her now-deleted post with dolphins.

Brittany Mahomes gets widespread criticism for posing with dolphins

We also saw the Kansas City Chiefs QB and his wife posing with these aquatic creatures during their recent trip to Hawaii. Brittany shared a post on Instagram, where she shared a series of snaps with her daughter while posing with dolphins. This led to her fanbase criticizing her for engaging with captive creatures. Even PETA commented on her post, leaving a lengthy comment educating her about these captivated creatures while stating, “We hope to see you extend your compassion to marine life.”

While Lawrence currently enjoys his beautiful marine trip, it will be interesting to see if he will be subjugated to the same criticism and backlash in the coming days ahead.


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