“That Was Rude..”: NFL Twitter Is Vexed With Retired Tom Brady’s Five-Word Fan Interaction

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Football legend Tom Brady smoothly switched from posing to leaving, displaying swift interview skills. Despite his busy schedule, which includes deals with England and upcoming participation in the electric boat race championship, Brady was halted for a spontaneous street interview, only to smoothly exit midway through.

The Twitter account ‘Overtime’ recently shared an 11-second clip featuring internet personality Justin (known as @GLOJAYSSS on Twitter). In this clip, Justin, who interviews random people on the street with unexpected questions, managed to randomly catch Tom Brady, but the script goes wrong.

Dashing Brady pondering on the spot!

The man with the mic threw an interesting question at Brady: “What do you think one of the biggest mistakes you ever made is?” This caught the attention of Twitter fans because Brady seemed genuinely surprised by the question, evident from his expression.  NFL’s 7x SB winner took just 4 seconds to stay in an awkward situation before walking away, saying, “‘Biggest mistake I ever made,’ good question. I don’t know, is anything really a mistake?” The man holding the microphone promptly chimed in with a “Nope!”

To view this Twitter clip, someone commented, “That was rude, he just walked off?” The incident occurred in the evening, with Brady sporting a full-sleeve t-shirt, black pants, and stylish white shoes, holding what appeared to be a water bottle.  Continuously making waves, the NFL GOAT remains in the spotlight even post-retirement. In a recent update centered around Brady, the legendary champion is once again capturing attention, this time in the realm of soccer.

Tom Brady’s New Chapter: English Soccer Team

Business entrepreneur Tom Brady is stepping into the role of Chairman of the new Advisory Board and becoming a member of the Birmingham City Football Club. The club warmly welcomed him into the Blues family. Recently, Brady made an announcement through a social media video about his investment in an English soccer team and his acquisition of an ownership stake in Birmingham City F.C.

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The official site of Birmingham City Football Club states that Brady, in his capacity as Chairman of the Advisory Board, will collaborate closely with the sports science department to provide guidance on health and recovery systems. His commitment as an owner revolves around elevating Birmingham City to a revered position in terms of nutrition, health, wellness, and recovery within the global football community.  According to Tom Wagner, the Chairman of the Board, the Men’s, Women’s, and Academy teams of the club are poised to gain valuable insights from the recently retired NFL star’s expertise.


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