Story behind Patrick Mahomes’ new leg tattoo

pm tattoo


Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes showed up at Chiefs training camp in St. Joseph Friday with something new. While it won’t improve his football game, it certainly had everyone talking.  Mahomes arrived at Missouri Western State University sporting a brand new tattoo. The ink covers much of his lower left leg.

pm tattoo

The quarterback gave his followers a closer look at the details of the ink when he posted pictures of it on his Instagram Stories, which disappear a day after they’re posted.

It includes several images.   The shin portion of the tattoo shows a person walking up a stairway to a large cross in the sky. From the side, the ink shows images of a handprint and footprint from his daughter Sterling. The back of his leg depicts a large red rose.  “Work in progress,” Mahomes wrote on one of the posts.

pm tattoo1

Mahomes hasn’t said when he got the tattoo, but he did share video from the American Century Championship in Tahoe earlier this month. The video shows him wearing a sleeve on his lower left leg.


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