Sterling Mahomes shows strong character to her mom Brittany, giving orders about what goes in the golf cart

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Brittany and Patrick Mahomes’ daughter, Sterling, made an adorable scene when she was getting ready to leave the house that left her mom Brittany Mahomes speechless in a captivating Instagram video.  It seems that after turning three years old, Sterling Mahomes is ready to be in charge, showing her strong character to her mom while they packed up the golf cart for a drive to the park.


vid ster

Sterling Mahomes likes to boss Brittany around

Brittany was surprised to see her come to the door with two baby dolls and a stroller, asking if Sterling could fit all of it in the golf cart, but her response proved that she is comfortable being the one giving orders in the house.  “Your hands are really full,” Brittany pointed out to her daughter on the video from her Instagram story. “You think all that’s going to fit?”

“Yeah!” she responded without hesitation, emphasizing that the dolls must come along because they were “my babies.”  Miraculously, Brittany, Sterling, her two babies and the stroller all fit into the golf cart with enough room to spare for her actual baby brother, 1-year-old Bronze Mahomes.

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes separate getaways after Super Bowl

Despite the consternation over what they would bring on the golf cart, Sterling and Bronze were just happy to see their mom again.  The Mahomes family spent lots of quality time together right after Patrick led the Kansas City Chiefs to their Super Bowl win. The Super Bowl MVP earned them a trip to Disneyland for a magical adventure, and then they arrived back in Kansas City with family and friends to throw a birthday bash for Sterling.

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If Sterling’s antics are any indication, there may be no room left for Patrick in the golf cart when they all reunite at home in Kansas City.


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