“S**t doesn’t even deserve a reaction all the time” – Brittany Mahomes shares post with a message for online trolls

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When you’re the wife of Patrick Mahomes, you’ll face scrutiny from fans everywhere.  The disdain could come solely from those who hate all the success Mahomes has had, so they try to rattle the cages of those closest to him.  Those same trolls have continuously come for his wife, Brittany, whose actions have invited online commentary. While usually quiet and unresponsive, Mahomes’ new bride couldn’t seem to let go of a recent social media post.

The comment online read:

“If I was stuck with this woman for life I’d kill myself.”  Despite understanding as well as anyone that social media is the land of the trolls and should be ignored at all times, Brittany fed into the negativity and responded.  “Making comments like this are very very concerning but also highly inappropriate. Killing yourself is not a term to just be throwing around like this.”

Mahomes, a minority owner of the Kansas City Current women’s soccer team wasn’t done.  “Social media breaks will remind you that a lot of sh*t doesn’t even deserve a reaction all the time. Conserve that energy for creativity, community, love, exploration., etc.”

Mahomes Is A Prime Target For Internet Bullying

Because she’s married to arguably the best quarterback in the NFL, being a target on social media unfortunately comes with the territory.  Mahomes long has been the target of social media attacks, along with Mahomes’ brother Jackson.  Here’s what she said in an Instagram post following her champagne spraying incident during a playoff game after the incident caught a lot of flak.

“There was quite a buzz this week and it’s been a pretty rough week over here. However, me and my team have decided to try to turn this buzz into something and something good for the Kansas City community.  “First, I just want to say, I greatly, greatly, greatly appreciate Kansas City and how much y’all have gotten behind us and supported me so much. It means the absolute world to me.”

In January, Mahomes led efforts to stop internet bullying and even had “Team Brittany” shirts made in an effort to raise funds for an anti-bullying charity located in KC.

Mahomes Hopes Her Transparency Can Be A Beacon Of Light For Others:

In the wake of the cyber bullying she and others receive daily, Mahomes is hopeful that her efforts to make it better don’t go in vain. In reality, she’d love to see it stopped altogether, but that’s a far-fetched reality in this era of social media.

“Obviously, I do receive a lot of hate on a daily basis on social media and I know so, so, so many other people do as well,” she said. “I’m lucky enough to have a good support system and a city that is lifting me up but I know there are a lot of people out there struggling with this…get behind this cause and hopefully push everything into the right direction and start spreading some more positivity on all these platforms.

I hope you guys just use this as a daily reminder to let you know that words are very powerful and it costs you nothing to be kind and nice to people… in this city we like to lift people up and not bring each other down.”  Something tells me Brittany Mahomes will survive the social media attacks and continue to thrive with her All-World husband off the field.


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