Smitten Taylor Swift cozies up to Travis Kelce in sweet photo from post-game hangout

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Taylor Swift’s return to Kansas City this weekend has truly blessed us with cute photos, but this picture of Taylor planting a kiss on Travis Kelce’s cheek is operating on another level entirely. Please prepare yourself.

This is actually one of several photos of Taylor and Travis at the Chiefs Christmas party that are floating around the internet right now. There’s also this cute one of Taylor grabbing Travis’ face in a group pic:

Gentle reminder that Taylor’s birthday is coming up in just a couple days on December 13, and Travis is reportedly planning a huge party for her in New York City. A source tells Us Weekly that Travis “wants to throw the best party possible” for Taylor and that “Money is not an object.”  Okay, Travis! As for the invite list, apparently Travis wants Swift’s “close friends” to attend the event.

ttra holding hands

Reminder that Taylor opened up about the timeline of her and Travis’ relationship to TIME magazine, saying “This all started when Travis very adorably put me on blast on his podcast, which I thought was metal as hell. We started hanging out right after that. So we actually had a significant amount of time that no one knew, which I’m grateful for, because we got to get to know each other. By the time I went to that first game, we were a couple. I think some people think that they saw our first date at that game? We would never be psychotic enough to hard launch a first date.”


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