REVEALED: NFL announces schedule for this weekend’s divisional playoffs – but Travis Kelce and the Chiefs are left in limbo ahead of tonight’s games

t kelce


The NFL has announced the schedule of games for this upcoming weekend’s divisional round contests in the playoffs.  Much of the chaos in deciding the matchups derives from the now-moved Buffalo Bills-Pittsburgh Steelers game – which could lead to one of four matchups over the weekend depending on Monday’s results.

While three of the four matchups are unknown, the Saturday slate currently has the clearest picture of the bunch.  On Saturday, the Houston Texans know they will be traveling for their matchup – but their itineraries will be set for either Baltimore or Kansas City depending on the result of the Buffalo Bills-Pittsburgh Steelers game. That kicks off at 4:30 on ESPN.

travis #87That means AFC teams – like Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs – will be watching close

The only game that is set in stone is the Green Bay Packers traveling to the San Francisco 49ers for an 8:00pm kickoff time on FOX.  On Sunday, the winner of the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be going to the Motor City to take on the Detroit Lions at 3:00pm on NBC.

Finally, the late Sunday game is still to be decided. Like the first Saturday game, this one hinges on the result of Bills-Steelers.  If the Bills win that game, they will be hosting the Kansas City Chiefs in Orchard Park.  If the Steelers win, they will be traveling to Baltimore to take on the Ravens.  Either way, the game kicks off at 6:30pm on CBS.  Moving the Bills-Steelers game to Monday due to snow has made it a must-see game for all of the AFC teams still in the playoffs.


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