Travis Kelce breaks silence on using illicit substances

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Travis Kelce and his brother Jason Kelce seemingly enjoyed their time in college.  In the latest episode of Jason and Travis’s New Heights podcast, the duo recounted their golden times on the football team at the University of Cincinnati.  Speaking about the old days, the NFL player admitted that once he got suspended for failing a marijuana drug test.

Taylor Swifts’s beau also confessed that he told his buddies to spill the beans on their lifestyle in the interview with The Athlete.  For those unversed, the ex-college mates of the Kelce brothers lifted the lid from their ‘degenerate-like’ living conditions in the confessional with the sports magazine.

One of Travis’s pal Zach Collaros revealed during the chat, “My mom visited one time.”  “This was when Travis was suspended. She doesn’t like going to the games so she just stayed behind and cleaned the house, which is a story in and of itself,” he continued.  He went on to address, “She smells something and walks downstairs in the basement and it’s Trav — smoking a joint. She goes: ‘Travis, aren’t you suspended for this?!?’”

Recalling the same incident, the Kansas City Chiefs star recently professed, “I made sure to tell them don’t hold back, tell all the good stories.”  “And sure enough they mentioned all the really good ones, like Zach’s mom walking in on me firing up in the garage before one of the games,” Travis confirmed.  He even painted a vivid image of his life at college and remarked in conclusion, “Absolutely hilarious. That’s how I was living back then.”


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