Rashee Rice breaks silence after legal troubles with message to Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid

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Rashee Rice vowed to get his life back on the straight and narrow as his controversial offseason threatens to disrupt the Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid’s plans to win a third straight Super Bowl.

It has been an offseason which has seen Rice be arrested in connection with a multi-car collision in downtown Dallas when he was speeding in a Lamborghini before he was later accused of assault in a nightclub.

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That’s dominated the headlines surrounding the NFL’s top team at the moment and now he’s finally insisted he will try to get his head screwed back on to try to mature and finally become a man.  “I’ve learned so much from that,” Rice said, in relation to his controversies. “All I can do is mature and continue to grow from that. This is a step in a better direction for me.

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“Accidents and stuff like that happen, but all you can do is move forward and walk around being the same person, try to be positive so that everybody can feel your love and your great energy.”

What will happen to Rice?

The Chiefs are going for an unprecedented three-peat in the NFL after winning Super Bowl LVIII at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, despite slumping over the line in the regular season as the offense ground to a halt.

On that occasion, it was Rice, their 24-year-old rookie, who came in clutch and speared them through the latter phases of the season to earn a shot against the San Francisco 49ers. Of course, the Chiefs are ruthless and seized that opportunity with an overtime 25-22 win.  But now it remains to be seen what happens with the police charges against Rice, as well as action from the NFL itself as Commissioner Roger Goodell has the power to suspend him from competing in the season.

Likewise, so do the Chiefs. Whilst they’re currently supporting their player, they are said to be preparing for their opening night against the Baltimore Ravens without him in their plans as they move to cover off all contingencies.  Either way, his life and career are stuck in limbo as he awaits judgement for the speeding charges and car crash he caused.


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