Randi Mahomes Shares Update on “Girls Trip” as Patrick Mahomes Returns to Super Bowl Grind: “Good for the Soul”


Basking in the glory! The 2023 season concluded with the Kansas City Chiefs securing a thrilling victory for the second consecutive year. As the curtain fell on a season filled with hard work and dedication, like everyone else, the Mahomes family has also returned to their regular routines, after grand celebrations.

On one hand, Patrick Mahomes is preparing for another season, and on the lookout for the third consecutive Super Bowl appearance, his mother, Randi Mahomes, is back to her much-needed respite with her “girl trip!”

Patrick Mahomes’ mom Randi Mahomes is off on a weekend trip!

Momma Randi Mahomes recently shared a series of photos of her weekend trip on Instagram. The 52-year-old, in the post, could be seen enjoying her girls’ trip in San Diego, at Little Italy, popular for trendy cocktail bars, brewpubs, and restaurants.

instergram randi

Along with the photos, Patrick Mahomes’ mother also captioned the post with: “Nothing like a great weekend girls trip that’s good for the soul!” In the photos, Randi could be seen wearing a denim jumpsuit and a red top, complemented by funky glasses.

Following the conclusion of the Super Bowl, the mom of three seems visibly relaxed, enjoying time with friends and capturing numerous moments together. In one of the photos, Randi could be seen posing with TV personality Aaron Bryant and singer Logan Seagull.  While Randi is cherishing this phase of warmth, love, and calmness, meanwhile, Patrick Mahomes is back to his basics, returning for the Super Bowl grind.

Patrick Mahomes is “back at it!”

About a day ago, Patrick Mahomes shared his recent update on what he is on to this offseason after the Lombardi win on February 11, 2024. Known for having 8–10-hour sessions during the season, Mahomes reportedly starts his day at 7 a.m. without an alarm, after 10 hours of sleep. Focusing on different muscle groups, the 28-year-old works out for an hour and a half.

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Some of these workout videos were also posted by Mahomes on his Instagram, with the caption, “Back at it,” accompanied by his favorite clock emoji. Looks like Mahomes is indeed already preparing well for the next Super Bowl, posing a worthy challenge to all his opponents.


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