“Protect Him at All Costs”: Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Finds a Snake on the QB’s Shoe & NFL Fans are Terrified

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Patrick Mahomes and his wife, Brittany Mahomes, have once again shown why they are one of NFL’s most influential couples. Recently, Brittany shared an Instagram story that both, amused and terrified fans. While a snake crept over Patrick’s shoe, Mrs Mahomes clicked a picture of it and shared it online with a playful suggestion.

Brittany Mahomes has incessantly drawn flak in the past from fans for her intense support for Patrick. However, she has repeatedly shown them that without her, Patrick might have been a bit reckless in life and the recent “snake on the shoe” incident pays testimony to this statement.

Brittany Mahomes Giving Chiefs Fans a Snake Scare

Brittany Mahomes, the perfect wife to NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes, has captured the attention of fans with her latest Instagram story. In a surprising encounter, Brittany spotted a snake on Patrick’s shoe and couldn’t resist making a playful joke. She suggested putting the snake back in the shoe for Patrick to discover, which made the fans immensely concerned given their affection for him.

While it was more of a joke than a suggestion, fans started reposting and commenting on it.  “Good god..protect him at all costs Brittany.. Patrick is for the ages,” tweeted one of the concerned fans. As the new NFL season approaches, fans are keeping a close eye on Patrick Mahomes, and they value Brittany’s presence as a crucial factor in his life and career.

Despite facing occasional criticism, Brittany’s unwavering support for Patrick has shown its positive impact on the quarterback’s performance. Brittany Mahomes continues to share glimpses of her life with Patrick on social media, as NFL fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming season.

Patrick and Brittany Were Adorable in the GQ Sports Video

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes, the power couple of the NFL, recently made a delightful appearance on a GQ sports video. It is apt to say that the two were simply adorable. Their genuine admiration for each other was on full display as they answered personal questions about their relationship. Patrick expressed deep respect and gratitude towards Brittany for keeping his life planned and balanced. In turn, Brittany even praised Patrick as an amazing dad, reflecting the love and dedication they both have for their family.

The highlight for Patrick Mahomes, along with his amazing game on the field, is his personal life. He cherishes his family time as made quite obvious by him on various occasions. With their unwavering support for each other, Patrick and Brittany Mahomes continue to attract admiration and adoration from NFL fans worldwide.


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