Philadelphia Eagles Going to ‘Need’ Fan Presence vs. Dallas Cowboys, Says Coach Nick Sirianni


The Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys have a rivalry that spans decades being two of the four storied franchises residing in the NFC East Division.  And with the Eagles hosting the Cowboys on Sunday, things are a little amped up around the two teams because of that rivalry, but it’s not something Eagles coach Nick Sirianni says is impacting the way his team gets ready for business.

“That’s for y’all to, you as media, the fans, to get – we have to treat every day the same,” Siranni said when asked about whether or not the atmosphere surrounding the matchup intensifies the preparation. “You can’t get more up for one game than you would the next game. I think if I said to the fans and to you as the media that, ‘it’s Cowboy week, we’re going to ramp it up!’ Well, what the hell were we doing the last couple of weeks?”

The coach has a point.

Every week in the NFL is serious business, even more so than any other sports league. In pro football, there are only 16 chances to set yourself up for a championship run.  In fact, if you don’t get up for every game like it’s the most important, you’ll likely find yourself playing unimportant games – at least to your own title aspirations – before most fans have their Christmas trees up.

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And that’s what makes Cowboys week just as important as – say – New England Patriots week at the beginning of the season.  “Now, with that being said, we know how much energy this stadium is going to have on Sunday,” Sirianni continued. “And every bit counts … That’s why I find myself, after every away game, that’s essentially a home game, I try to thank the fans because they’ve been awesome.”

Philadelphia has had a long-term love affair with its fans who are as passionate when the team is losing as when it’s winning.  But like any relationship, things are always better when it’s going well.  That’s where we find ourselves today, where a city and its favorite team are proudly connected.

Because of that, Sirianni finished his answer with a statement to Eagles fans that plans to make Lincoln Financial Field their place of duty this Sunday.  “Let’s go. It’s Dallas week. So, we’re going to need that,” Sirianni concluded. “Dallas has to feel that … that when they come in here that it means a little bit extra to the people in those seats and it’s going to be loud and it’s going to be a hostile environment.”


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