Philadelphia Eagles Coach Has Relatable Dad Moment as Daughter Makes Funny Faces During Press Conference

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Taylor Sirianni isn’t too impressed with the Philadelphia Eagles’ wins this season.  Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni, brought his 5-year-old daughter Taylor into a press conference with him on Sunday and she stole the show as she made funny faces while her dad broke down the team’s 28-23 defeat of the Dallas Cowboys.

In a video shared by the team on Instagram, Taylor uses her hands to open her eyes extra wide as her dad responds to a question from a reporter, stealing the focus of many of the gathered members of the press.  “You making faces, baby?” Sirriani asked his daughter, who shook her head no. “Alright. She’s been waiting for this moment since last year’s NFC Championship game. I didn’t let her come last time.”

In the clips, she also mocked the hand gestures her dad made during one of his answers, traced the Eagles logo on his sweatshirt, crawled around in the chair she was seated in and pulled the skin on her cheeks down to widen her eyeballs.

At one point, she leaned over and covered her mouth as if she was laughing or yawning, and her dad asked, “Are you tired, girl?”  Taylor then leaned into Sirriani to whisper something in his ear but then pulled away once her dad leaned down to her.

nick daughter
Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni’s daughter Taylor, 5, steals her dad’s attention during a press conference following Sunday’s win against the Dallas Cowboys

The NFL also shared another funny clip from the press conference, where Taylor shared what she was most excited about as she looked forward to a break from school.  “What’s one thing you wanna do during this week?” her dad, who joined the Eagles as head coach in 2021, asked her.

She replied in a hushed tone, “I wanna go to…” before whispering her answer in her dad’s ear.  Sirriani then shared Taylor’s reply with the gathered reporters, “You wanna get Chick-fil-A?”  The Eagles coach’s daughter was less than pleased with her dad spilling her secret, though, and contradicted him. “No, I didn’t say that!” Taylor said.  “Oh, okay, relax,” Sirriani said with a laugh as he turned his focus to another reporter’s question.

Sunday’s adorable surprise visit was not the first time Sirriani has brought his kids into the press room.  Towards the end of last year’s season, he brought Taylor and her brothers, Miles, 2, and Jacob, 8, into a press conference with him as he discussed the team’s then-upcoming matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

The three kids were restless as they situated themselves for the sitdown, with Taylor objecting to standing and leading Jacob to give up his chair for his sister.

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Taylor mocked many of her dad’s facial expressions and hand gestures as he answered reporter’s questions, and then started making faces at her little brother, Miles.  “You guys need to stop,” Sirriani told his kids sternly as their antics distracted him. “Taylor, stop it.”


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