Patrick Mahomes to join the Green Bay Packers? Fans amused and confused by Twitter proposal

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Social media buzzes with mixed reactions as one fan suggests a jaw-dropping quarterback swap, leaving fellow Packers supporters entertained and skeptical


A Green Bay Packers fan took to Twitter to propose an unthinkable scenario:Patrick Mahomes joining the Packers. While the suggestion garnered attention, it was met with a mixture of amusement and confusion from fellow fans.

The tweet in question posed a question to Packers fans, asking whether they would be willing to trade their promising young quarterback Jordan Love for the established superstar Mahomes. While acknowledging that Mahomes is currently superior to Love, the fan expressed uncertainty about the future, suggesting that Mahomes might be getting too old. The response to this proposal was swift and filled with incredulity.

One fan responded bluntly, saying, “Stop smoking meth,” clearly dismissing the idea as far-fetched. Another commenter took a more humorous approach, stating, “I am now certain that those Cheeseheads cause brain damage,” further highlighting the perceived absurdity of the proposal. These comments capture the overall sentiment surrounding the unexpected trade suggestion

Jordan Love’s career trajectory remains uncertain as he prepares to take over from the legendary Aaron Rodgers this season. Having primarily served as a backup and seeing limited playing time in just 10 games over two seasons, Love is yet to prove himself as a starting quarterback. In fact, he didn’t see any action during his rookie year.

While Love undoubtedly hopes to establish himself as one of the game’s greatest quarterbacks, he currently pales in comparison to the achievements of Patrick Mahomes. A straight-up trade between the two would be highly unlikely and illogical.

A trade like this would make no sense and is highly unlikely

Kansas City Chiefs’ general manager, Brett Veach, would find such a proposal laughable. Giving up the best quarterback of his generation for an unproven commodity is simply inconceivable. Moreover, the Chiefs have invested significant financial resources in Mahomes, evident from his 10-year, $450 million contract. In 2023, Mahomes will carry a substantial $39.6 million cap hit.

The Packers, on the other hand, have limited cap space with only $14.2 million available, primarily due to Aaron Rodgers’ hefty $40.3 million dead money. In contrast, Love’s one-year extension is valued at a mere $13.5 million. Therefore, from a financial standpoint alone, a trade between the two quarterbacks seems implausible.

Furthermore, it is unimaginable for any team to part ways with a quarterback who has recently won his second Super Bowl title and been named Super Bowl MVP twice. Jordan Love would need to achieve similar accolades before any trade discussions could be taken seriously. Even if he falls short of Super Bowl victories, he would have to earn All-Pro or Pro Bowl selections to match Mahomes’ credentials.

Patrick Mahomes has consistently demonstrated his excellence on the field, with two First Team All-Pro selections and five Pro Bowl appearances. Under his leadership, the Chiefs have reached the AFC Championship Game for five consecutive seasons, showcasing his ability to lead a successful team.


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Lastly, Mahomes is entering the prime years of his career. Although concerns about ankle injuries before turning 30 may arise, he has proven his resilience and ability to triumph over adversity, most notably in Super Bowl LVII.

It is highly unlikely that Jordan Love will replace Patrick Mahomes as the Chiefs’ quarterback. The Chiefs have no reason to “fix” a situation that is already thriving. Instead, their focus should be on bolstering their offensive line to protect their prized quarterback and sustain their success.


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