Patrick Mahomes Sweetheart Reverberates Gisele Bündchen’s Bizarre Rumor, Seven Months After She Broke Up With Ex-Husband Tom Brady

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True champions don’t want to win. They are in desperate need to win. And in the world of football, there are a handful few greats who have consistently proven this need. One of them was the undisputed NFL GOAT, Tom Brady. Another player who seems to showing the same tendencies is none other than Super Bowl champion, Patrick Mahomes. Through his play as well as his attitude towards the sport, Mahomes has repeatedly shown how committed he is to the sport. However, his beloved wife recently had a different message for him.

Mahomes is taking part in the one-of-a-kind docu-series that is going to discuss and showcase the lives of quarterbacks in the NFL. Interestingly, this series included Mahomes talking about his love for the sport as well as his commitment to it. However, his wife, Brittany Mahomes voiced out a different train of thought that interestingly coincided with Gisele Bündchen rumors.

Eerie words for Patrick Mahomes from his wife

Throughout his career, Brittany has been very supportive of Mahomes’ career. Whether it is coming to his games or showing him love on Twitter, she has done it all. However, it also seems like the influencer wants to provide the QB with a sort of balance from football.

The world has seen Mahomes’ commitment to his sport, up close, this season. They saw him play throughout the postseason with a badly injured ankle. In fact, he even led his team to the Super Bowl victory on an injured leg. However, his wife has provided him with some much-needed support. During the trailer of the docu-series, she mentioned how it is nice to take Mahomes away from football and focus on family. She said, “It’s really nice to get him away from football and spend time with our family.”

Interestingly, her words about getting him away from football resonate with a rumor about Gisele and Brady. While Brittany enjoys having Mahomes step away from football and focus on family, there have been rumors that this might be the exact reason for the Gisele-Brady divorce.

The shocking rumors behind the end of Brady’s marriage

There have been multiple rumors about why Gisele and Brady got divorced. After all, there had to be something huge to end a relationship as picture-perfect as theirs. However, a lot of sources on the inside have pointed towards one thing that came between them: Brady’s football career. Reportedly, just days before their divorce, Gisele had asked Brady to make a choice between playing football or spending time with the family. Apparently, if he didn’t choose his family over football, she was going to leave. And it seems like that is exactly what happened.


While these words remain uncorroborated rumors, they resemble Brittany’s words to her superstar husband. However, it only remains to be seen how Brittany and Mahomes will handle the dilemma of football and family.


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