Patrick Mahomes reveals ingenious way he and Brittany get Mavericks courtside tickets

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Last week, during the Kansas City Chiefs’ bye week, star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, along with his wife Brittany, took a special trip to Texas. Their destination? The American Airlines Center, home of the Dallas Mavericks. The occasion was more than just a regular game night; it turned into a memorable experience for the Mahomes couple.

The Mavericks, known for their warm hospitality, welcomed Patrick and Brittany with special gifts – Luka Doncic jerseys, presented by the team’s mascot. This gesture of appreciation didn’t go unnoticed as the couple proudly displayed their new jerseys, basking in the limelight when featured on the arena’s scoreboard.

Mahomes is friends with Mark Cuban

The highlight of the evening was Mahomes’ courtside seats, a vantage point envied by many sports fans. In his weekly chat on KCSP (610 AM), Mahomes revealed the secret behind securing these coveted seats. “I text Mark Cuban most times, and I get the tickets from him,” Mahomes admitted candidly. This straightforward approach has allowed Mahomes direct access to the Mavericks’ owner, showcasing a unique bond between the two sports personalities.

Mahomes’ relationship with the Mavericks extends beyond just being a spectator. He mentioned, “I’ve gone to a lot of games and stuff like that and kind of built a relationship with him and Luka and some of those guys, Tim Hardaway (Jr.), A.J. (Lawson).”

The interaction between Mahomes and Cuban at the game was captured by cameras, where the two seemed like great friends. This courtside experience for Patrick Mahomes at the Dallas Mavericks game not only provided an exciting evening but also reinforced how connected the two-time Super Bowl champ really is.


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