Patrick Mahomes revealed the only NFL stadiums that were loud enough to make him use silent signals



Ever since Patrick Mahomes took over as starting quarterback in Kansas City in 2018, the Chiefs have been one of those road opponents that every fan base circles on the schedule. That should theoretically create atmospheres that make matters difficult for Mahomes.  But according to Mahomes, he hasn’t found himself changing how he communicates with his offensive line much at all on the road. That is besides two NFL stadiums.

In an appearance on Monday’s ManningCast, Mahomes was asked by Eli Manning if he goes verbal or silent with the signals for his offensive line on the road. And that was when Mahomes revealed that he’s almost always verbal besides games in Baltimore and Seattle.

Mahomes said:

“I’m mostly verbal. The only time I’ve been silent is in Baltimore and in Seattle.”

He added that those stadiums were so loud that the tackles couldn’t hear him, forcing him to go silent with the signals. That’s high praise for Seahawks and Ravens fans, considering that the Chiefs attract fired-up crowds for every road game.  Mahomes ended up going 1-2 combined in his road games against the Ravens and Seahawks with the win coming in an empty M&T Bank Stadium (2020 season).


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