Patrick Mahomes pokes fun at his running style, talks underwear on ‘Manning Cast’



Patrick Mahomes joined Peyton and Eli Manning on ESPN’s Week 10 ‘Manning Cast’ broadcast for Monday Night Football. The Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills matchup gave the three QBs lots to talk about, including his underwear superstition and awkward running style.

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The Chiefs superstar joined the Manning brothers by video call from his sprawling Kansas City estate.  In regards to the Chiefs’ play this season, Mahomes says the offense has been holding the team back from its full potential: “If the offense was playing as well as the defense, there’d be nothing to say. If the offense picks it up, we’ll be all good”

The quarterback, despite beating the Broncos twice this year, says the Broncos will only improve this season: “With Sean Payton as a coach, the Denver Broncos are going to be tough to beat down the stretch”.

” I run weird, so people think I’m fast. But I’m only fast enough…”

The two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback also poked fun at himself and his approach to RPO (Run Pass Option) “I run weird, so people think I’m fast. But I’m only fast enough…”

Mahomes talked about his game day underwear superstition

Patrick Mahomes also talked about his famous underwear superstition. The Chiefs QB is famous for playing every game day wearing the same pair. “I threw them on that first season, and that was that. I only wear them for game day. I wash them every once in a while at least. If we’re on a hot streak I can’t wash them. As long as I’m winning football games I’ll keep the superstition going”, he told Peyton and Eli.

Mahomes also asked the Manning brothers who would win in a foot race amongst the brothers. Which Peyton immediately halted: “No one wants to see that, including us. Talk about a bad spectacle”.

Mahomes also loved watching Denver QB Russell Wilson scramble for yards throughout the game: “The wheels, the wheels though!”

The Mannings brought up the infamous Mahomes vs. Crosby incident

The Manning brothers also brought up the most infamous Mahomes blowup of all-time, when in October 10 of 2022 he yelled at Raiders’ Maxx Crosby after a contentious play. “You woke up the wrong gentleman. I blacked out a little bit, I said something I usually wouldn’t”, he said jokingly (he actually said motherf***er).

Mahomes then asked the Mannings to stop showing the incident, as the Chiefs will take on the Raiders in Week 12 (implying he doesn’t want Crosby to remember the moment).


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