Patrick Mahomes’ half-brother aims for the NFL: Who is he and is he good enough?

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Graham Walker is a wide receiver at Brown University

Patrick Mahomes could have a blood relative in the NFL sooner than many would think as his half-brother becomes an All-American and dreams of making the top level of global gridiron football.  Graham Walker is a wide receiver for Brown University and has spent the previous three seasons in the Ivy League but, surprisingly, he is the son of Patrick Mahomes Sr., who revealed that the youngster is the child who looks most like him.

“They say he’s the one who looks most like me,” said Mahomes Sr. to FOX4. “But maybe the other boys will disagree a little bit, but he’s definitely a Mahomes. He’s a little bit more laid back than the others.

“Stays away from the spotlight and goes out and grinds and works, but a very impressive young man. His manners are intact, his stepdad did a great job with him, his mom did a great job with him and now I’m getting the chance to put my hands on him a little more.”  Clearly Mahomes Sr.’s athletic genetics runs strong as all three of his children have followed the former-Major League Baseball pitcher into ball sports, although none have picked up a bat and glove as a career.

Jackson Mahomes elected to pursue basketball, whilst Patrick has gone on to be one of the best players in the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs and now Mahomes Sr.’s latest child has committed to a career in football too.  “(Graham) finally decided he wants to be a serious football player, so we have him in the transfer portal,” Mahomes Sr. said. “Hopefully he’s going to choose a school here soon and we can go on with the next chapter.  “That’s my only hope now that Bronze plays baseball. Jackson played basketball, so maybe Bronze will play a little baseball.”

Patrick Mahomes offering support

Despite being consumed by attempts to rescue the Chiefs’ season after they limped into the AFC Wild Card rounds by narrowly winning the AFC West, Mahomes hasn’t forgot his family and offers help to the youngster.

Mahomes Sr. even suggested that their connection could help mould them both into better players or to form a good relationship, provided the two-time Super Bowl champion pulls a couple of strings.  “(Patrick) is supportive,” added Mahomes Sr. “He’s supportive as he always is. Hopefully, in this offseason, Patrick will get a chance to throw the football to him as he runs routes as Patrick always has his receivers come down, so we’re looking forward to that.

“You know, his word may be a little good, so maybe he can get (Graham) in the door too. He [Walker] has to do his part, he has to work hard.  “He’s got a big year coming up, so hopefully he’s able to go out and do the things he needs to do to fulfill a dream that he’s dreamt about for a long time.”


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