Patrick Mahomes’ Grandma Debbie Leaves Fans Teary-Eyed With Her Resurfaced Message for the Chiefs Quarterback

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The Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes lost his grandma, Debbie Martin, after battling serious health conditions. She was hospitalized for the last couple of days and was placed in intensive care. Unfortunately, the noble soul departed in the presence of her wonderful daughter and the rest of the family.

Debbie was a fine lady, charming, and highly passionate about football. Not to mention, she was an avid fan of her grandson’s playing abilities and attended most of the Kansas City games. While her death continues to make headlines, an old video of her praising Patrick Mahomes has resurfaced.

Debbie Martin trusted Patrick Mahomes more than anybody

The Chiefs quarterback has come a long way to achieve the success and fame he enjoys today. One of the prominent personalities who played a role in molding this NFL star was his mother, Randi Martin, and grandmother, Debbie Martin.  While the signal-caller started throwing passes at Whitehouse High School, it was Debbie, who kept her faith and encouraged Mahomes to pursue the game seriously. During his college career, Patrick Mahomes had to make a choice between football and other sports he played. Ultimately, he decided to make a career in the NFL.


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Reminiscing about the good old days, an old video of Debbie has surfaced on the internet. One can see her praising Patrick Mahomes for his humble attitude and play-calling abilities. “I can’t believe it’s all happening. He’s only 23 years old. And Kansas City’s had him a year.” Mahomes’ grandma said in an interview.  “I just wish to have more billboards as they have in Kansas City here in Tyler. Because Patrick is a bought-house kid. He hadn’t changed and will always be Patrick.” she added.

Can Mahomes continue to make his family proud?

Looking at the current scenario, the 27-year-old is on the path to greatness. He broke the existing records and scripted new ones while marching towards the championship titles.

He is a five-time Pro Bowler, and former NFL MVP with numerous other records to enhance his brand value. Within six years in the league, the quarterback has enlisted his name among the finest athletes to ever play this sport.  After Tom Brady, the youngster seems next in line to rewrite history. And who knows, one day he might put an end to the GOAT debate with his championship victories. Back in the day, even Brady opined on Mahomes’ role in Kansas City, and the style of play he possesses. It will be interesting to see whether the signal caller lives up to his expectations in the upcoming years.


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