Patrick Mahomes’ dad hopes he is NOT in the same VIP suite as Taylor Swift and Jason Kelce when the Chiefs play the Ravens in Baltimore on Sunday for a place in the Super Bowl

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Patrick Mahomes Sr hopes he is not in the same booth as Jason Kelce and Taylor Swift when he watches the Kansas City Chiefs play the Baltimore Ravens for a place in the Super Bowl on Sunday.  The father of the Chiefs quarterback was talking to WFAN Sports Radio’s Evan Roberts on Thursday night when he was asked if he will be joining the pair in the suite for Sunday’s huge game.

‘I hope not,’ Mahomes Snr said with a chuckle. ‘No, I don’t think so. Travis normally has his own thing and Patrick has his own deal too.  ‘And I imagine if Taylor wants her own suite she’s got enough money to get whichever one she wants.’  Jason is expected to be in Baltimore on Sunday after jumping out of his suite last weekend, shirtless, to down beer with Bills fans after his brother scored his first of two touchdowns for the Chiefs in the game.

pat mh snrPatrick Mahomes Sr hopes he’s not in the same booth as Jason Kelce and Taylor Swift in Baltimore for the next Chiefs game

SWIFT AT BILLSJason Kelce and Swift were in the same suite to cheer the Chiefs on vs. the Bills last weekend

But Mahomes Snr reiterated his affection for both Taylor and her boyfriend Travis, who he described as being like ‘a son’ to him.  ‘Those are some fun guys – if you think Jason is wild, you ought to see Travis!’ Mahomes said.  ‘I was actually two booths down. But as soon as (Jason) started doing that, I started looking down and I saw him.’  ‘I’ve known him for quite some time because Travis is like another son to me. So I’ve been around him a lot and I’ve been in the booth with Taylor before and she was very nice and genuine. ‘So I went over there and hung out with them a little bit after the game, after we’d won.’

The singer is also expected to be there for the game that could see the Chiefs book a sport for the Super Bowl on February 11 in Las Vegas.  And Mahomes Snr re-told a story he had explained earlier this year about how the singer said she recognized him from the Netflix series ‘Quarterbacks’.  ‘She’s down to earth. I actually walked up and introduced myself to her and she said she knew who I was because she had watched the Quarterbacks series,’ he said to Starcade Media back in January.

‘She’s down to earth and took a picture with me and my wife and also took a picture with me and my daughter so I mean she was genuine, every time I’ve hung out with her she just acts like a normal person.’  If the Chiefs win on Sunday, they will face either the San Francisco 49ers or Detroit Lions in Vegas.  The Chiefs, last year’s Super Bowl winners, are the underdogs going into Sunday’s game against the Ravens – who are led by the runaway MVP candidate Lamar Jackson at quarterback.


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